The Pimbley family
Claremont Farm

Fresh to our door each morning and on your plate that evening… Our scrumptious veggies are grown and supplied by the Pimbley family at Claremont Farm, Wirral. Looks at the size of Andy’s caullis and cabbages! That’s the result of good old Wirral soil and a heap of TLC from the Pimbley’s. Come summer, their asparagus is arguably the best in the region, their strawberries are local legends.



Peter Jones
Wirral Watercress

Peter Jones grows our watercress and tomatoes amongst other things when in season – so fresh you can smell them as they’re delivered. And the taste….



Vicky Anderson and Ian Tomlinson
Liverpool Cheese Company

Ian and Vicky at Liverpool Cheese Company in Woolton Village supply our delicious northern English and Welsh cheeses.




The flour we use in our puddings, cakes, breads and pastries is ground from wheat grown around the mill at Walkmill near Chester.